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Sleep apnea impacts more than 936 million people worldwide.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which the muscles in the throat relax to the point of collapse, restricting airflow. This causes breathing to become shallow and even stop for seconds or minutes at a time, depriving the body and brain of oxygen. The lack of deep sleep can cause significant fatigue and elevate the risk for serious health problems. Most people with sleep apnea are unaware they have it.


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About 30 million people in the United States have sleep apnea.

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Sleep apnea treatment overview

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Sleep apnea treatment overview

Know what to expect: from testing and diagnosis, to equipment and therapy.

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Finding a Sleep Specialist

If you believe that you or someone you care about may have a sleep disorder, and you would like to find a sleep specialist, the best thing to do is to speak with your primary care provider. Your provider is likely to know the best practitioners in your community. Qualified sleep specialists are those who are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine.

Do I Have a Sleep Disorder?

Sleep disorders are common. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 50 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder at some time in their lives. These disorders have a significant impact on the daytime functioning, quality of life, and health of the sufferer. For example, research data has shown that people with insomnia report more problems…

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